Patrick Doyle, counselor with Veritas Counseling


Patrick Doyle, counselor with Veritas Counseling, discusses why we get stuck with some people relationally and why some relationships are so difficult.

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  1. I discovered thedovetv at a time that I needed it most…God knew that. My marriage is a mess. My husband still holds anger against his mother and it affects how he treats me. Passive-aggressive. Op-positional. No affection – none. On top of that he has had over 20 surgeries in his lifetime (he’s the victim) and lately he accused me of considering him a loser. Anyway, as a result of Patrick’s great advice, I have a letter written to confront him. I guess I’m writing to ask for your prayers as I do this, and thank you profusely for your ministry.

    • B.

      I’m so sorry. Prayers on your behalf~

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