Pacific Power Warning of Impersonators

By Jim McCoy Fri 27th March NewsPacific Powerscams

Pacific Power is warning its customers about a group of man riding ATVs claiming to be employees of the utility. They tell home owners they are looking into “voltage issues.”

The men were spotted recently on three properties in cave junction.Read More »

Jackson County Sheriff's Office: Beware Of New Phone Scam

By Jim McCoy Tue 29th July Newsscams
The Jackson County Sheriff's office is warning people about a scam hitting the region. A person is contacting potential victims by phone and saying they represent the "Warrants Division" of the Sheriff's Department. The caller tells the intended victim they missed jury duty, and unless they post bail with $1,000 in gift cards, they could face jail time.Read More »

Homeowners Encouraged To Beware Of Home Repair Scams

By Jim McCoy Mon 7th April Newshome repairsscams
An Estacada couple recently received an offer they couldn't refuse - a promise to pave their entire driveway for $1,500. The $1,500 was the most homeowner Fern Mathews said they could afford. That wasn't a problem for the workers who showed up at their house. We'll work with you, one of them said. In fact, he had an extra truckload of material so he could give the Mathews a good price.Read More »

United Way Warning of Scammers

By Jim McCoy Tue 20th August NewsscamsUnited Way
United Way officials say three Medford residents called to report that two men came to their doors illegally looking for money. Dee Anne Everson is the executive director of the United Way of Jackson County. She told the Medford Mail Tribune that United Way never goes door-to-door, and urged people to call police if such activity occurs.Read More »

Southern Oregon Business Scammed

A 33 year old White City man is accused of scamming a local business out of $780 worth of product. Claiming he represented Jay’s Construction, Robert Hutson allegedly ordered lumber from American Lumber in Central Point.Read More »

Medford Police Warn of a Britt Ticket Scam

By Jim McCoy Wed 26th June NewsBritt Festivalscams
Medford Police are warning potential Britt concert ticket buyers about a scam. They’re reporting that a fraudulent website scamming southern Oregon citizens. A suspect in New Jersey has set up the site Britt More »

Reward Offered To Catch Scamming Suspect

By Jim McCoy Tue 31st July NewsCrime Stoppersscams

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to catch a man who scammed a 92-year old Medford woman on July 1.Read More »

Utility Warns of Bill Pay Scam

By Jim McCoy Tue 22nd May NewsPacific Powerscams

Pacific Power is warning its customers of a scam where a caller posing as a customer service representative claims there is a federal grant offering credit on their utility bills if the customer is willing to pay directly. The victim is told they must provide their social security number, credit card or check routing number to take advantage of the deal.Read More »

Surgeon Sentenced

A Bend man with ties to Medford has been sentenced to six years for a scam in which he lured investors into putting money into franchised alternative medicine centers.Read More »


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