Oregon Drought Adversely Affecting Salmon

By Jim McCoy Thu 16th July Newsdroughtsalmon

The drought and low mountain snowpack continue to take a toll on salmon in Oregon.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday biologists counted 109 dead chinook salmon in the John Day River east of the eastern Oregon town of John Day.

Biologist Brent Smith attributes the deaths to water temperatures in the mid-70s, which are considered lethal for saRead More »

Judge Won't Stop Killing of Double-Crested Cormorants To Save Salmon

By Jim McCoy Mon 11th May Newsdouble-crested cormorantssalmon

A judge has refused to block a plan to shoot more than 10,000 double-crested cormorants in the Columbia River estuary.

The plan was released earlier this year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It wants to stop cormorants from eating millions of baby salmon.

Conservation groups sought a preliminary injunction.Read More »

Tribes Trace Migration of Klamath Salmon With Relay Run

By Jim McCoy Fri 10th April NewsKlamath tribessalmon

Tribes are tracing the migration route of Klamath Basin salmon with a 260-mile relay run from the ocean to a tributary that has not seen a salmon in a century.

Runners start May 29 at the mouth of the Klamath River in Northern California and finish June 1 in Chiloquin, Oregon, on the Sprague River.

Runners will pass dams slated for removal years ago to allow salmonRead More »

2015 Forecast: Salmon Fishing Looks Good Along Southern Oregon Coast

By Jim McCoy Fri 20th March NewsfishingGold Beachsalmon

Enough adult salmon are now finning off the Southern Oregon and Northern California coasts to give Brookings a good chance to repeat as Oregon's top port for boating chinook.

But the ever-changing ocean currents have to do their part.

Preseason estimates of chinook and fin-clipped coho salmon in the ocean are high enough that salmon anglers are on the cusp of seeinRead More »

Panel: Tighten Rules On Gold Dredging

By Jim McCoy Wed 3rd December Newsgold dredgingsalmon
An Oregon task force is recommending that gold dredging be banned on rivers running through private lands considered essential to the well-being of salmon. The Mail Tribune ( reports that on federal lands, the task force recommends gold miners be required to get a special permit after providing documentation that their operations would not harm wild salmon or their hRead More »

Sea Lions May Be Killing More Columbia Salmon Than Once Thought

By Jim McCoy Fri 7th November Newssalmonsea lions
Sea lions may be killing more returning salmon at the mouth of the Columbia River than previously thought. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council says preliminary research by NOAA Fisheries shows a steady increase in fish mortality over a five-year period that may be attributable to seals and sea lions. The Daily News reports ( ) a researcher presented Read More »

Agency To Release More Water For Klamath Salmon

A federal agency says it will release more cool, clean water into Northern California's Klamath River to prevent a repeat of a 2002 fish kill that left tens of thousands of adult salmon dead. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director David Murrillo said Friday the drought has produced low and warm water conditions very similar to those in 2002.Read More »

10-Thousand Hatchery Salmon Eggs Die Near Florence, Pollution May Be Cause

By Jim McCoy Tue 25th February Newspollutionsalmon
A hatchery program on the Oregon coast reports all of its salmon eggs are dead due to creek water contamination. Jack Armer, manager of the Florence Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program, said on Tuesday that all of the hatchery's 10,000 coho salmon eggs died in their trays earlier this month. Several dead fish and dead frogs were also found in the nearby creek. Armer saRead More »

California Farmers Sue Over Water Releases For Salmon

Farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley are suing the federal government over the planned release of water from a Northern California reservoir to prevent a salmon kill in the lower Klamath River. The suit alleges the release from the Trinity Reservoir would be unlawful and would further decrease the little water available to farmers for irrigation.Read More »

Klamath Tribes Get Share Of Record Salmon Run

By Jim McCoy Thu 11th October NewsKlamath tribessalmon
The Klamath Tribes are getting a share of the record run of chinook salmon coming into Northern California's Klamath River.Read More »


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