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The Word For You Today

Do you need strength and guidance for daily living? Listen to the encouraging words from The Word For You Today by Bob Gass.

Radio Program Guide

Time Program
Midnight - 6am theDove Music
6am-8am Mornings on theDove [LIVE]
8am-9am Focus Today [LIVE]
9am-9.30am Focus on the Family - Jim Daly
9.30am-10am Insight for Living - Dr. Charles Swindoll
10am-10.30am Turning Point - David Jeremiah
10.30am-11am In Touch - Charles Stanley
11am-11.30pm Living on the Edge - Chip Ingram
11.30am-12pm Willing Heart - Rick Booye
12pm-12.15pm Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias
12.15pm-2pm theDove Music with Jerry Bilden
2pm-4pm In The Market with Janet Parshall
4pm-5.45pm theDove Music with Jerry Bilden
5.45pm-6pm Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias
6pm-6.30pm Family Talk - Dr. James Dobson
6.30pm-7pm Focus on the Family - Jim Daily
7pm-7.30pm Adventures in Odyssey
7.30pm-8pm Willing Heart - Rick Booye, Trail Christian Fellowship
8pm-8.30pm Turning Point - David Jeremiah
8.30pm-9pm Insight for Living - Dr. Charles Swindoll
9pm-9.30pm In Touch - Charles Stanley
9.30pm-10pm Renewing Your Mind - Dr. R.C. Sproul
10pm-Midnight theDove Music


Time Program
Midnight - 9.30am theDove Music
9.30am-10am Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias
10am-12pm 20 the Countdown Magazine - Jon Rivers
12pm-6pm theDove Music with Jerry Bilden
6pm-8pm 20 the Countdown Magazine - Jon Rivers
8pm-11pm theDove Music
11pm-Midnight Christian Oldies - Gary Alan


Time Program
Midnight - 7am theDove Music
7am-7.30am Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias
7.30am-8am Insight Weekend - Chuck Swindoll
8am-9am Call To Worship - Dave Kersey
9am-9.30am Willing Heart - Rick Booye
9.30am-10am Straight Forward - Tom Sabens
10am-10.30am Living Water - Dr. Larry Jung
10.30am-11.30am Parkway Christian Center - Dennis Webber
11.30am-12pm Truths that Transform - Dr. D. James Kennedy
12pm-5pm theDove Music
5pm-7pm 20 The Countdown Magazine
7pm-8pm Moody Church Hour - Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
8pm-9pm River of Life - Mark Goens
9pm-10pm Live in the Word
10pm-11pm Call To Worship (repeat)
11pm-Midnight theDove Music



Focus Today

Focus Today

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Video On Demand

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theDove News


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