Three County Commissioner Races Remain Close

By Jim McCoy Wed 7th November News2012 electionPolitics
While the presidential election was pretty well settled at around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, three county commissioner races in southern oregon are still close to call. In Jackson County, Republican Doug Breidenthal leads Democrat Jeff Scroggin by 2,200 votes. Cherryl Walker leads by Bob Just by 115 vote in Josephine County. A member of Just’s campaign staff says there remains 900 votes to count.Read More »

County Commissioner Races Highlight Southern Oregon Races

By Jim McCoy Tue 6th November NewselectionsPolitics
Among the hottest races in southern Oregon are the races for positions on the Jackson and Josephine County Board of Commissioners. Doug Breidenthal, Jeff Scoggin are competing to fill the vacancy being left in Jackson County by the retiring C.W. Smith.Read More »

Prediction: Oregonians Expected To Say "No" To Pot, Gambling and Gillnet Ban

By Jim McCoy Tue 6th November Newsballot measureselectionsPolitics
Oregon voters have the chance to decide the state's future on marijuana, gambling and commercial fishing, but the odds are stacked against any of those measures passing. Polling has shown the state unwilling to regulate pot like alcohol. Oregonians are also unlikely to approve a nontribal casino outside Portland.Read More »

Oregon Expected To Not Be As "Blue" As '08

By Jim McCoy Tue 6th November NewsBarack ObamaelectionsPolitics
Barack Obama won big in Oregon four years ago with a 16-point gap over John McCain, and he was the first presidential candidate in state history to take 1 million votes. Obama will likely take Oregon again. But Obama fever has died down, even among young people. So his margin of victory here may well turn out to be less. Obama's huge win in 2008 was something of an outlier.Read More »

Ex- Oregon Governors Oppose Ballot Measures

Four of Oregon's living former governors are coming out against two ballot measures that would authorize Oregon's first nontribal casino. Republican Vic Atiyeh and Democrats Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski are joining opponents of the proposal. Current Gov.Read More »

Oregon Supreme Court: Campaign Finance Law "Unenforceable"

By Jim McCoy Thu 4th October campaign financeOregon Supreme CourtPolitics
The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that restrictions on campaign finance that Oregon voters approved in 2006 can't be enforced. The restrictions were approved in a 2006 ballot measure, but they've never been put to use because voters struck down a companion measure that would have changed the state constitution to allow such restrictions. Groups supporting campaign finance restrRead More »

Alan DeBoer - Ashland Mayoral Candidate

By admin Mon 10th September FocusTodayAshlandPolitics
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Former Ashland mayor, Alan DeBoer, talks about his decision to run for mayor again and his plans for the city. DeBoer explains why he thinks Ashland is going in the wrong direction and what can be done to solve the city's problems.

Kristi Hamrick, Campaign for Working Families on Paul Ryan

By admin Mon 20th August FocusTodayPolitics
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President of Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families, Kristi Hamrick, discusses latest political headlines, including Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.

Obama's Second Term Plans - Aaron Klein

By admin Fri 17th August FocusTodayPolitics
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Co-author of "Fool Me Twice," investigative journalist Aaron Klein, reveals Obama's shocking plans for the next four years. According to Klein, if Obama wins re-election in 2012, the America of equal opportunity for all, Constitutionally-limited government, economic freedom and personal liberty will be but a distant memory.

Ben Barrack on Why the Establishment Refuses to Fight

By admin Tue 31st July FocusTodayPolitics
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Ben Barrack, interactive talkshow host, blogger and columnist for Human Events and WorldNet Daily talks politics, conspiracy and why the Establishment refuses to fight.

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