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Court: Police Must Have More Than "General Concern" To Ask About Guns

By Jim McCoy Fri 10th July NewsgunsOregon Supreme Court

The Oregon Supreme Court says police must have a good reason to ask people they stop if they have a weapon.

The high court Thursday threw out an unlawful-weapon conviction of a 19-year-old man who was stopped for jaywalking by an Oregon State Police trooper in Portland.

The trooper asked Joseph Lucio Jimenez if he had any weapons on him, and Jimenez said he had a Read More »

Protester Hit With Stun Gun May Appeal

By Jim McCoy Fri 27th December NewsIan Van OrnumOregon Supreme Courtprotester
The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Friday that a Eugene man hit by a police stun gun at an anti-pesticide rally in 2008 can continue to pursue his appeal of a resisting-arrest conviction. In May 2008, a police officer twice used a stun gun on protester Ian Van Ornum, who was lying on the ground at a rally in Eugene. He was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.Read More »

Oregon Supreme Court Supports Governor's Death Penalty Delay

The Oregon Supreme Court says Gov. John Kitzhaber can delay the lethal injection of a death-row inmate who wants to waive his appeals and speed his execution. The state's highest court ruled Thursday that Kitzhaber did not overstep his power when he granted a reprieve delaying the death sentence of Gary Haugen, who was convicted of two murders.Read More »

Oregon Supreme Court: Campaign Finance Law "Unenforceable"

By Jim McCoy Thu 4th October campaign financeOregon Supreme CourtPolitics
The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that restrictions on campaign finance that Oregon voters approved in 2006 can't be enforced. The restrictions were approved in a 2006 ballot measure, but they've never been put to use because voters struck down a companion measure that would have changed the state constitution to allow such restrictions. Groups supporting campaign finance restrRead More »


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