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Legislator Pushing For Marijuana Measure

A House committee chairman says the Oregon Legislature should write its own ballot measure to legalize marijuana. Democratic Rep. Phil Barnhart of Eugene tells The Oregonian that if the Legislature doesn't submit a measure to voters, someone else will.Read More »

Oregon House Passes Bill To Help Timber Counties

By Jim McCoy Mon 8th July NewsOregon legislaturetimber payments
The Oregon House has passed a bill that allows financially struggling timber counties to use measures other than property taxes to raise money for public safety. The bill went to the Senate for a vote Monday after passing the House 49-10. Rural counties that once depended on federal timber revenues have been struggling to pay for sheriff's patrols, jails and prosecutors since a fRead More »

Oregon Senate Shelves Toy Toxins Bill

By Jim McCoy Mon 8th July NewsOregon legislaturetoxins in toys
The Senate has shelved a bill that would have phased out toxic chemicals in certain toys and children's products sold in Oregon. By a voice vote Monday, the Senate sent the bill back to committee, where it will likely die.Read More »

Senate Vote Grants Independence To Oregon Universities

The Oregon Senate has passed a bill to allow public universities to break free of the statewide university system. In a 23-7 vote Wednesday, the Senate sent the bill to the House. It's expected to pass, and Gov.Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Oregon Senate Passes K-12 Budget

By Jim McCoy Wed 26th June NewsOregon budgetOregon legislature
The Oregon Senate has passed two bills that are central to a new state budget but had been stalled. Senators approved a $6.55 billion spending plan for primary and secondary schools, reversing a decision to reject it last week and sending it to the House.Read More »

Vaccination Education Bill Passes Oregon Legislature

By Jim McCoy Wed 19th June Newschild vaccinationsOregon legislature
The Oregon Legislature has passed a bill that would make it more difficult for parents to send their children to school without vaccines. The state House approved the bill 45-15 on Wednesday. It now goes to Gov.Read More »

Oregon Senate Votes Down School Budget

By Jim McCoy Mon 17th June NewsOregon legislatureschool budget
The Oregon Senate has voted down a $6.55 billion budget for primary and secondary schools after one Democrat and all 14 Republicans said it didn't provide enough money. The vote on Monday complicates efforts to put together a state budget. The budget would have increased school funding by $1 billion and allowed most school districts to avoid cutting teachers or school days.Read More »

Oregon Senate Passes Child Vaccination Bill

By Jim McCoy Thu 6th June Newschild vaccinationsOregon legislature
The Oregon Senate has passed a bill that would require parents to consult a physician about vaccines or watch an educational video before refusing them for their children. In a 16-13 vote on Thursday, the Senate approved the bill, which now goes to the House. Oregon has the nation's highest rate of parents refusing vaccinations for their kindergartners. Doctors and publRead More »

Governor Meets With Lawmakers Regarding Oregon Budget

Gov. John Kitzhaber and legislative leaders are meeting at the governor's mansion Monday to try and work through their differences on the state budget. Democrats have majorities in the House and Senate, but they'll need Republican votes to get the new tax revenue they're seeking.Read More »

2013 Oregon Legislature Friendly To Animal Rights

So far, the 2013 Oregon legislative session has been friendly to animals and their defenders.Read More »


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