Oregon Department of Forestry

Fire Danger Levels Reduced

By Jim McCoy Wed 24th September Newsfire danger levelsOregon Department of Forestry
The cool wet weather is bringing a reduction in fire precaution levels in southern Oregon.Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Fire Precaution Level Raised To "Extreme"

By Jim McCoy Fri 18th July NewsfireOregon Department of Forestry
The recent heat wave is elevating fire precautions in Southwest Oregon. TO offer a detailed look at those restrictions and what they mean, here is a press release from the Oregon Department of Forestry..... "A long period of temperatures hovering around 100 degrees has cooked southwest Oregon vegetation into a tinder-dry condition.Read More »

Oregon Department of Forestry Seeking $40 Million

By Jim McCoy Fri 22nd November NewsOregon Department of Forestrywildfires
After going through a record $122 million fighting big wildfires this year, the Oregon Department of Forestry is asking the Legislature for $40 million to cover its costs this year and for greater spending authority next year. The issue was being taken up Friday by the Legislature's Emergency Board in Salem. Lightning and drought spread wildfire to more state-protected land thisRead More »

Fire Season Is Over

By Jim McCoy Mon 23rd September NewsfireOregon Department of Forestry
After several days of rain, state foresters are declaring an end to a busy fire season in southwestern Oregon. The Department of Forestry said Monday the fire danger level will be reduced to its low, or "green," level as of midnight Monday, and public and industrial restrictions will be lifted. The major firefighting effort this summer followed a barrage of lightning strikes on JRead More »

Fire Danger Climbs To "Extreme" In Wild & Scenic Section of Rogue River

Effective Wednesday, July 24, the fire danger level will climb to "extreme" in the "Wild & Scenic" section of the Rogue River, according to te Oregon Department of Forestry. No open fires of any kind will be allowed. The ODF protects the section of the river between Grave Creek and Marial.Read More »

Good Progress Made On Fire North of Prineville

Firefighters reported "significant progress" Wednesday on a wildfire in Central Oregon, while fire managers looked farther eastward to the potential for wildfires from more than 800 overnight lightning strikes.Read More »

Bigger, Faster Planes Added to Firefighter Fleet

The U.S. Forest Service is gearing up for a tough wildfire season by adding to its large air tanker fleet seven planes that fly faster and will drop a bigger payload of fire retardant than in the past.Read More »

Crews Kept Busy With Weekend Wildfires

This morning, the Oregon Department of Forestry furnished the following update on wild fires burning in Oregon: The 180-acre Shively Creek Fire in Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) jurisdiction is burning in logging slash and old growth timber. Reported Sunday, the fire received some rain that evening that slowed spread.Read More »

Fire Season Declared Over

By Jim McCoy Tue 16th October NewsFire seasonOregon Department of Forestry
As one would expect, the recent rains have been sufficient to declare fire season over in the Southwest District of the Oregon Department of Forestry. The fire danger has been downgraded to “low.” Industrial precautions have been lifted for ODF-protected lands. The same is true for the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and the wild section of the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River.Read More »

Two Structure Fires Burn in Southern Oregon

Two early morning fires destroyed homes in southern Oregon this morning. Both remain under investigation. At 12:15 a.m., O-D-F firefighters, the Butte Falls Fire Department, and Jackson County Fire District 4, responded to a 9-1-1 call to a home at 1991 Crowfoot Road. Crews found the home full engulfed in flames, with the fire spreading to nearby grass lands.Read More »


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