Recreational Pot Use Remains Banned At University of Oregon

By Jim McCoy Tue 18th November NewsmarijuanaUniversity of Oregon
Oregon voters may have legalized recreational marijuana but it will remain banned from the University of Oregon campus. KEZI reports ( ) marijuana use is prohibited by the student conduct code. If the university relaxed rules it could risk losing money from the federal government, which still outlaws the drug.

Congressmen From Pot-Friendly States (Including Oregon) Teaming Up On Capitol Hill

By Jim McCoy Thu 13th November Newsfederal drug lawsmarijuana
Members of Congress from states with legal pot say their colleagues should not stand in the way of expanded legalization. Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon says ending marijuana prohibition was the "one clear winner" in the midterm elections. Voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia approved ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana possession.Read More »

Springfield Says Yes, Eugene No To Local Marijuana Taxes

By Jim McCoy Tue 21st October Newsmarijuanataxes
The Springfield City Council said yes Monday evening to a local tax on marijuana, but the Eugene council said no to the possibility. The Register-Guard reports ( Eugene and Springfield are among dozens of cities and counties considering local taxes before Oregon voters decide next month whether to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The local jurisdictions hopeRead More »

Fish & Wildlife: Pot Grow Poisons Affect Weasel-Like Animal

By Jim McCoy Mon 6th October Newsendangered speciesfishermarijuana
Citing the threat from rat poisons spread around illegal marijuana plantations, federal biologists are proposing Endangered Species Act protection for West Coast populations of the fisher, a larger cousin of the weasel. The U.S.Read More »

Highway 140 Stop Leads To Pot Seizure

By Jim McCoy Thu 4th September Newsdrug bustmarijuana
A traffic stop along Highway 140, two miles west of Lakeview Saturday led to the seizure of 33 pounds of marijuana. 24-year old Matthew S. Balukas of Barrington, New Hampshire was arrested. A drug sniffing canine discovered the drugs while Balukas was being stopped for a traffic violation. The estimated value of the seizure was $80,000.

Marijuana Taxes Approved by Ashland City Council

By Jim McCoy Wed 2nd July NewsAshlandmarijuana
Taxes on marijuana sales have been approved by the Ashland City Council. The exact percentages will be determined at later date, but the council Tuesday night approved a tax of up to five percent on medical marijuana and 10 percent on recreational marijuana. The council also approved medical marijuana dispensaries for certain sections of Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland Street and Main Street.

Medford Business Can Reopen, Can't Sell Pot

By Jim McCoy Wed 26th March NewsmarijuanaMary Jane's Attic
Provided that they don't dispense medical marijuana, Mary Jane's Attic and Mary Jane's Basement may re-open, according to Medford Circuit Court Judge Timothy Gerking. The two businesses that operate in one location had their business license recently revoked, prompting a closure. Owners Richard and Marlene Nuckols have applied with the Oregon Health Authority to dispense medical marijuana.Read More »

Oregon Voters Could Face Multiple Marijuana Legalization Options

By Jim McCoy Wed 12th March Newsballot measuresmarijuana
Paul Stanford, one of the nation's leading marijuana legalization advocates, doesn't only want Oregonians to have the right to smoke pot. He wants it written into the state constitution. Stanford's proposed constitutional amendment is one of several pot questions that may go to Oregon voters in November.Read More »

Oregon Lawmakers Ready To Write Their Own Pot Legalization Measure

By Jim McCoy Thu 12th September NewsmarijuanaOregon legislature
With momentum growing behind the idea of legal marijuana, leaders in the Oregon House are saying the Legislature should write the bill itself. Even opponents of legalization say that's a better course than risking voter approval next year of a poorly written measure. Two years ago, Oregon voters rejected a measure written by pot activist Paul Stanford - the same year voters in ColorRead More »

Legislator Pushing For Marijuana Measure

A House committee chairman says the Oregon Legislature should write its own ballot measure to legalize marijuana. Democratic Rep. Phil Barnhart of Eugene tells The Oregonian that if the Legislature doesn't submit a measure to voters, someone else will.Read More »


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