Kyron Hormon

Judge Rejects Terri Hormon's Name Change Request

By Jim McCoy Tue 5th August NewsKyron Hormonmissing childTerri Hormon
The stepmother of an Oregon boy whose disappearance in 2010 touched off an intense search has failed to persuade a judge to let her change her name. Terri Horman testified Monday in Roseburg that her life has been threatened and she hasn't been able to find a job since Kyron Horman vanished from his Portland school.Read More »

After Three Years, Oregon Boy Remains Missing

By Jim McCoy Tue 4th June NewsKyron Hormonmissing boy
Kaine Horman says it's hard to believe it's been three years since his son Kyron disappeared. Horman told KGW the recent rescue of three abducted young women in Cleveland gives him hope he'll see Kyron again. The boy was 7 years old when his stepmother, Terri Horman, said she dropped him off on June 4, 2010, at Skyline Elementary School.Read More »

Attorneys For Missing Child's Father Wants Divorce Delayed

Attorneys for the father of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman have asked a judge to delay his divorce from the child's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman. Kaine Horman filed for divorce in June 2010, less than a month after his 7-year-old son vanished from a Portland school.Read More »

Judge: Hormon Lawsuit Can Go Forward

By Jim McCoy Wed 15th August NewsKyron Hormon

A Portland judge has ruled that a lawsuit against the stepmother of a missing Oregon boy can go forward.
Judge Henry Kantor said Wednesday a two-year delay sought by Terri Horman, stepmother of Kyron Horman, wouldn't serve a purpose.Read More »

Missing Boy's Mother Fights Delay

By Jim McCoy Thu 2nd August NewsKyron Hormonmissing child

  The biological mother of a missing Oregon boy says her civil suit against the boy's stepmother should move forward.Read More »


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