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Are You a Victim or a Survivor? 10 Signs - Patrick Doyle

By admin Tue 17th July FocusTodayCounselling

Are you a victim or a survivor? Counselor Patrick Doyle shares ten signs of each.

Abusers or people who do harm always lie to the victim and tell them that it is their fault, which is a lie from Satan. One of the keys to not being continually in the victim status is to put the blame where it goes. One of the greatest killers of healing is the belief that you are worthless (toxic-shame).

10 Signs You Are A Victim:
1. You complain rather than act.
2. You talk about the same problems.
3. You are never able to get to resolution.
4. You are always looking to people to save you.
5. You don't accept responsibility (always something or someone to blame).
6. You take more than you give.
7. You are uncomfortable with being emotionally well.
8. You are in crisis more than not.
9. You make people around you tired.
10. You tend to harm others rather than show mercy.

Surviving gets you through a difficult circumstance.

10 Signs You Are A Survivor:
1. You are behaviorally active in moving toward hope.
2. You are willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to change.
3. You are willing to be uncomfortable for extended periods of time.
4. You do not give in to fear (you may have it but are not controlled by it).
5. You are willing to adapt to the reality you are in (not the one you hope for).
6. You learn from the circumstances you are in rather than deny them.
7. You are willing to use all of your resources to move toward change.
8. You actively seek help.
9. You resist panic and fear.
10. You have hope outside of yourself.



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