Faith in the face of tragic loss - J.J. Jasper

By admin Wed 18th July FocusTodaySpiritual LifeFaith
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J.J. Jasper shares the extraordinary true story of his family's terrible loss (as featured in the documentary Flame On), and how they managed to hang on to their faith during such tragedy.

Faith is Messy - Expectations of having a perfect life vs Reality - A.J. Swoboda

By admin Mon 11th June FocusTodaySpiritual LifeAuthorFaith
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Pastor & author of 'Messy: God Likes It That Way', A.J. Swoboda talks about his expectations of having a perfect life after becoming a Christian verses how his life actually changed.

'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer's Faith

By admin Thu 17th May FocusTodayNewsFaith
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"Queen of Disco", Donna Summer, produced 31 albums and singles that hit #1 on the charts. She was also a 5 time Grammy Award winner producing 17 studio albums in her career.

On May 17, 2012 she died of cancer.Read More »

Living By Faith - Greg Sidders

By admin Mon 5th December Afternoons on theDoveSpiritual LifeFaith
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Author of "The Invitation," Pastor Greg Sidders, talks to Perry Atkinson today about the challenges of applying scripture to your daily life.

Pastor James Garlow-Heaven & the Afterlife

By Sue Schneider Tue 15th November 8amFaith
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Mon 14th November

Pastor Jim Garlow, co-author of Heaven and the Afterlife, offers a message of  comfort, hope, and inspiration—and a gripping reminder that life is more than  what we see in the here and now.

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