August Was A Month For Job Growth, Unemployment Growth In Region

By Jim McCoy Mon 22nd September Newseconomyjobs
Across southern Oregon, job gains were seen in August, although there was a slight uptick in unemployment. Jackson County’s jobless rate for August was 8.6 percent, up from 8.5 in July; though there was an increase of 630 jobs. Josephine County’s rate rose slightly to 9.8 percent, but gained 140 jobs.Read More »

Oregon Experiences Job Growth, Labor Force Growth

By Jim McCoy Tue 16th September Newseconomyjobs
Oregon's jobless rate has risen as workers join the labor force in greater numbers than employers create jobs. The state Employment Department reported Tuesday that as a result, the state employment rate rose last month to 7.2 percent. It was 6.9 percent in July. The numbers are seasonally adjusted. The department reported that labor force rose about 8,350.Read More »

Wealth Gap Report Paints Grim Picture For Oregon

By Jim McCoy Mon 15th September Newseconomy
A new report showing that rising income inequality could negatively affect state tax revenue comes amid a push by Gov.Read More »

Little To No Change In Southern Oregon Unemployment Rates

By Jim McCoy Mon 18th August Newseconomyjobs
Counties around southern Oregon experienced a loss of jobs during the month of July. Economists say this is to be expected due to seasonal reductions in local government education employment. Jackson County's seasonally-adjusted unemployment remained at 8.5 percent, and Josephine County's stayed at 9.6.Read More »

Oregon Sees Slight Uptick In Unemployment For July

By Jim McCoy Tue 12th August Newseconomyjobs
- The state Employment Department says Oregon's jobless rate was 6.9 percent in July, up from 6.8 percent the month before. The agency says employers added 200 jobs in July, following a revised loss of 3,000 jobs in June.Read More »

Report: Oregon Experiencing Above Average Economic Growth

By Jim McCoy Wed 9th July NewseconomyTim Duy
Oregon's economy is growing faster than normal, according to a monthly report from the University of Oregon. The report Tuesday showed fewer people filed for unemployment insurance in May, many sectors increased workers, contractors applied for more residential building permits and factories gave employees more hours at work. The Oregonian reports ( the OregonRead More »

Southern Oregon Jobs, Unemployment Rise

By Jim McCoy Mon 23rd June Newseconomyjobs
It is an anomaly that occurs when an economy adds jobs, and more people resume looking for work: counties in Southern in Oregon added jobs, while unemployment rates also rose slightly. The Employment Department released its figures for the month of May today. Jackson County added 690 jobs in May, while the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate rose slightly from 8.6 to 8.7 percent.Read More »

Survey: Employers Say Half Of Job Openings "Difficult To Fill"

By Jim McCoy Wed 18th June Newseconomyjobs
Businesses in Oregon say that 48 percent of their job openings were difficult to fill. Among the most common reasons for their challenges came from having a lack of qualified candidates, for the job had unfavorable working conditions, or in some cases, there were just an overall lack of applicants.Read More »

Oregon Adding Jobs At A Steady Rate

By Jim McCoy Tue 17th June Newseconomyjobs
Oregon's economy continues to add jobs at a steady clip, but the unemployment rate has changed little in 2014. The state Employment Department said Tuesday the state added 4,200 jobs in May and 6,200 in April, on a seasonally adjusted basis. It said the past 11 months have seen "strong and continuous" job growth. The agency says Oregon's unemployment rate was 6.9 percenRead More »

Southern Oregon Employment Continues Picking Up

By Jim McCoy Mon 19th May Newseconomyjobs
Thanks to seasonal hiring trends for summer tourism, Southern Oregon is seeing an increase in employment. Jackson county gained 430 job in April, 300 coming in the leisure and hospitality sector. With that said, Jackson County- like most of the region- saw no change in the unemployment rate- although both counties have substantially better unemployment rates than they had at this time in 2013.Read More »


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