Man And Two Women Arrested At Medford Motel

A man and two women were arrested at Red Carpet Inn at 525 South Riverside Sunday morning. Police received an anonymous report at 8:32 a.m. of drug activity occurring in a room at the motel. 26-year old Lacey Bryant-Lovrin of Medford had an outstanding warrant and was arrested without incident. An investigation uncovered heroin, meth and firearms in the room.Read More »

Police Needing Help To Find Suspected Drug Dealer

By Jim McCoy Fri 31st May NewsAlberto Castrodrugs
Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a man they say dealt meth near Jewett Elementary School in Central Point. 30-year old Alberto Castro was living in the 1900 block of Sunrise Way near the school. Castro is Hispanic, stands 5’5” and weighs 130 pounds.Read More »

Medford Man, Central Point Woman Arrested on Gun, Drug Charges

Police have arrested a Medford man and a woman from Central Point for allegedly stealing a gun from relatives of the female suspect. 29-year old Crystal Carol Hoyt and 30-year Kenneth Duane Vinzant Jr. are lodged in Jackson County Jail.Read More »

Two Drug Traffickers Arrested On The Same Bus

By Jim McCoy Fri 19th April NewsdrugsMADGE
The Medford drug squad regularly busts traffickers taking buses on Interstate 5 through Southern Oregon. But they say arresting two suspects with separate sizeable shipments on the same bus was startling. Lt. Brett Johnson tells the Medford Mail Tribune there's no evidence that two men who got on the bus in California were working together.Read More »

NASCAR to Keep Drug Test Details Private

By Jim McCoy Thu 26th July SportsdrugsMike HeltonNASCAR
Date of Show: 
Thu 26th July

In spite of calls to do otherwise, NASCAR is standing pat on their stance concerning positive drug test results. Click" Play" icon to hear more.


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Doctor's Office Manager & Husband Accused Of Illegally Obtaining Pills

By Jim McCoy Thu 26th July Newsdrugsidentity theft

A Central Point woman who is office manager for a doctor in Medford has been arrested for allegedly stealing pain pills. Police say 41-year old Jodi Setzer used the doctor’s information to obtain generic Vicodin. Setzer illegally obtained nearly 8-thousand pills over a period of three years.Read More »

Roseburg Hotel Explosion Linked To Hashish Lab

By Jim McCoy Tue 24th July NewsdrugsRoseburg

Three people have been injured in an explosion at a Roseburg motel. Police say the blast was a result of a hashish manufacturing operation. Police say the three were treated Monday at a local hospital and released.
Read More »

Drug "Take Back" Box Established in Jacksonville

By Jim McCoy Mon 16th July NewsdrugsJacksonville news

A sixth drug “take back” box has been set up in Jackson County- the latest set up in Jacksonville at the police department. The idea is to keep unused prescription drugs from falling into the wrong hands. It also provides a more environmentally sensible means of discarding unused drugs. The service is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Ambulances Experiencing Drug Shortage

By Jim McCoy Thu 12th July Newsdrugsemergency serviceshealth

Emergency responders in various jurisdictions have reported struggling to deal with a shortage of drug supplies created by manufacturing delays and industry changes.  Some paramedics are injecting expired medications, despite a risk they won't work as intended.  Others are scrambling to train paramedics to use alternative medications.Read More »

Teens More Likely To Try Drugs, Alcohol During Summer

By Jim McCoy Tue 10th July Newsdrugsteen drug/alcohol use

A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Division concludes teenagers are more likely to try marijuana for the first time during the month of June or July than at any other time of the year. First time alcohol use is more likely in June, July, and December.Read More »


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