Letter from Perry Atkinson - April 2012

Dear Dove Team Member, 
On Monday April 16th we launched theDove morning radio show live on theDove TV. This simulcast is a first of its kind in Christian broadcasting. It took us two years to put together all the technical support and train the staff  … but now all our hard work has paid off and the morning show is being simulcast on radio and television from 6-9 am every weekday morning.

Perry Atkinson

After all the excitement on that Monday, I came back to my office to catch my breath and I was faced with one of the most difficult times in our history.  Our basic operating income has fallen over 9% below budget … that amounts to about $59,927.00.

We just can’t sustain those kinds of budget shortages and still maintain 3 radio stations, 7 translators, and two TV channels. As you can imagine … keeping all of those broadcast outlets on the air 24/7/365 is a huge commitment.

Like you, we have made budget adjustments and cut our operation to the bone. There is nothing fancy about theDove operation because it is all about ministering to those who are hurting, confused, lost, broken or just need a little encouragement for the day.

Some of our Team Members have had to stop their monthly support because of employment issues. Others have moved away to find employment  … some have forgotten to send in their monthly support. Whatever the situation, we need to make up this shortfall before we are forced to make serious cuts resulting in broadcast coverage being curtailed.

So often the complaint that I get about Christian broadcasting is that it seems that it is all about money. In fact this spring we decided not to have an on-air share-a-thon so that listeners and viewers who are being ministered to wouldn’t feel it’s about money … instead it’s about Jesus and His love and plan for their lives.

Therefore as difficult as it is for me, I am asking you, our faithful partners, to help us the best way you can  … and nothing more.  Only do what the Lord is leading you to do.
First … please pray for theDove. Our programming is ministering in so many ways as the Lord is constantly matching our programming content with a person’s need at the right time… only God can do that. (Romans 10:20)

Second … if the Lord leads you send us a special gift today to help us get back on track, please know that in no way do we take that for granted, rather we pray God will multiply it back to you in ways only He can.

Thank you for whatever you can do … together we are changing lives for good!


Perry Atkinson
President/General Manager
P.S.  Be sure to tune in to theDove morning show 6-9am weekdays.
TV: Charter Channel 18 in Jackson and Josephine County
        Charter Channel 89 Klamath Falls ~ UHF TV Channel 44
Radio:  91.7fm Medford, 92.1fm Central Point, 107.9 fm Ashland, 106.5fm Yreka, 88.1 fm Grants Pass, 92.3fm Azalea,
KDPO 91.9fm Port Orford, soon KDCB 89.5fm Coos Bay 



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