NFL Fines Two For Violating Concussion Policy

By Jim McCoy Fri 10th January SportsconcussionsNFL
Two players violated league concussion protocol during last weekend's wild-card games, according to a letter sent by the NFL's head, neck and spine committee chairmen to all team doctors and trainers. In a document obtained by The Associated Press, Drs. Hunt Batjer and Richard Ellenbogen said one player re-entered the game and another refused to leave the sideline.Read More »

More Study Urged For Youth Concussions

By Jim McCoy Wed 30th October Sportsconcussionsyouth sports
It's not just football. A new report says too little is known about concussion risks for young athletes, and it's not clear whether better headgear is an answer. Reports of sports-related concussions have been rising. The Institute of Medicine has taken a closer look, and finds that rates are higher for some sports.Read More »

Settlement In NFL Concussion Case

By Jim McCoy Thu 29th August SportsconcussionsNFLretired football players
A federal judge says the NFL and more than 4,500 former players want to settle concussion-related lawsuits for $765 million. The global settlement would fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research.Read More »

Stanford Players Part of Concussion Study

Date of Show: 
Thu 10th November

Known for their brains, Cardinal players are having them studied as it relates to impact during football. Click link and "play" for details.

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