Crater Lake

Crater Lakes Gets Good Snow, Needs More

By Jim McCoy Wed 25th March NewsCrater Lakesnow

After a warm, mild winter, Crater Lake National Park has recorded nearly 2 feet of snow in recent days, but the seasonal total is still a third of normal.

The Klamath Falls Herald and News ( reports the park usually has 119 inches of snow on the ground as of March 24.Read More »

Report: 2014 A Good Year For Crater Lake

By Jim McCoy Thu 15th January NewsCrater Lake
Crater Lake - Oregon's only national park - reports visitation was up in 2014 - part of a nationwide trend. Park Superintendent Craig Ackerman says that 619,469 people visited the park last year, up from 523,027. He attributes the increase to a lack of snow that allowed the park to open roads, campgrounds and trails a month earlier than usual, and a promotional campaign by TravelRead More »

No Sign Of Hiker Who Fell From Rim At Crater Lake

By Jim McCoy Tue 5th August NewsCrater Lakehiker
Crater Lake National Park rangers would like to find a hiker who was seen falling from the caldera rim surrounding the Oregon lake.Read More »

Crater Lake Gets Light Dusting Of Snow

By Jim McCoy Tue 17th June NewsCrater Lakesnow
Meteorologists say it’s unusual but not unheard of: Crater Lake got a dusting of snow Monday night. There was hardly enough to justify a measurement, and therefore not enough to help alleviate the lack of snowpack caused by an unusually dry winter. The park’s daytime temperature lingered in the 40s today.Read More »

Crater Lake North Entrance Re-opened After Shutdown

By Jim McCoy Tue 22nd October NewsCrater Lakegovernment shutdown
The North Entrance road at Crater Lake National Park is open again after being closed for more than two weeks because of the partial federal government shutdown. Park officials tell the Klamath Falls Herald and News ( the North Entrance and the West Rim Drive reopened Friday.Read More »

Shutdown Enforcement At Recreational Sites Varies

By Jim McCoy Mon 14th October NewsCrater Lakegovernment shutdownLost Creek Dam
Getting access to shutdown federal recreation sites in Southern Oregon depends on which agency is in charge. The Mail Tribune reports ( ) that while Crater Lake National Park is strictly enforcing its closure, the U.S.Read More »

Crater Lake Gets Unusual Amount Of September Snow

By Jim McCoy Wed 25th September NewsCrater Lakesnow
Fall has barely arrived in Oregon, and already it's snowing big-time at Crater Lake. Marsha McCabe, a spokeswoman for the only national park in Oregon, tells KFLS in Klamath Falls ( there was an unusually early snowfall Tuesday night, amounting to about 8 inches. It's expected to keep snowing through Wednesday, adding an inch to three inches. McCabeRead More »

Study: National Parks Bring Over $38 million to Southern Oregon Economy

By Jim McCoy Wed 27th February NewsCrater LakeOregon Cavestourism
According to a just-released study, Crater Lake National Park and the Oregon Caves brought in over $38 million dollars in 2011. According to the study conducted by Michigan State University, almost two-thirds of the money was spent on food and lodging.Read More »

Snow At Crater Lake

By Jim McCoy Tue 23rd October NewsCrater Lakeweather
Early snow at Crater Lake has closed Rim Drive and the North Entrance to the park. Park superintendent Craig Ackerman says as of Tuesday morning about 16 inches of snow have fallen since the storm blew in Sunday.Read More »

Crater Lake Now Closed To Scuba Diving

By Jim McCoy Wed 29th August NewsCrater Lake

National park officials have temporarily closed Crater Lake to scuba diving over the threat of invasive species. Park officials announced Wednesday that the closure will remain in effect while they develop rules to be sure that microscopic species, such as quagga mussels, spiny water fleas and viruses, don't hitchhike into the pristine lake waters on diving gear.
Read More »


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