Why political leaders think the President is "in over his head" - Edward Klein

By admin Fri 20th July FocusTodayAuthorPolitics
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Author of "The Amateur", Edward Klein, reveals why political leaders - and even Obama's closest friends - think the President is "in over his head."

He Calls Me Son - David Robinson

By admin Thu 19th July FocusTodaySpiritual LifeAuthor
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Radio veteran and author David Robinson talks about his book 'He Called Me Son', a real life story with real life answers for those who have been rejected, abused, abandoned and addicted.Read More »

Christi Paul: Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt

By admin Fri 6th July FocusTodayAuthor
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Newswoman and author Christi Paul shares her story of surviving emotional abuse and discussed her book, 'Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt.'
Christi Paul is an award-winning journalist and national weekday news anchor for CNN's HLN and TruTv's In Session.
Originally aired on theDove TV & Radio July 6th 2012​

Uncovering the myths in the health care debate - Christopher Conover

By admin Fri 29th June FocusTodayAuthor
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Author of American Health Economy Illustrated, Christopher Conover, gives comprehensive view of American health care and uncovers the myths, lies and sweeping generalizations that have fueled our national health care debate.

Finding God in Batman - Paul Asay

By admin Tue 26th June FocusTodayAuthor
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Paul Asay, 'Plugged In' movie reviewer and author of 'God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us about God and Ourselves ' talks with Perry Atkinson about how Batman is in many ways like us.Read More »

Social Media - Get Noticed In A Noisy World - Michael Hyatt

By admin Tue 12th June FocusTodayAuthorSocial Media
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Author, speaker, blogger & Chariman of Thomas Nelson, Michael Hyatt talks about his new book, 'Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World', which is a step-by-step guide for anyone with something to say or sell.

Originally aired on theDove TV & Radio, June 8th 2012

Defending the Free Market - Rev. Robert Sirico

By admin Mon 11th June FocusTodayAuthor
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The Rev. Robert Sirico, co-founder of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty and author of Defending the Free Market, talks about why a free market is essential in protecting our freedom & liberty.

Faith is Messy - Expectations of having a perfect life vs Reality - A.J. Swoboda

By admin Mon 11th June FocusTodaySpiritual LifeAuthorFaith
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Pastor & author of 'Messy: God Likes It That Way', A.J. Swoboda talks about his expectations of having a perfect life after becoming a Christian verses how his life actually changed.

Growing Up Ziglar - Julie Ziglar Norman

By admin Wed 16th May FocusTodaySpiritual LifeAuthor
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Julie Ziglar Norman, the youngest daughter of Zig Ziglar, talks about her latest book 'Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter's Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope' with Perry Atkinson.

Ben Shapiro on anti-Christian bully extreme Dan Savage

By admin Tue 1st May FocusTodayAuthorPolitics
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Ben Shapiro, newly appointed Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News talks with Perry Atkinson about the shocking connection between anti-Christian bully-extreme Dan Savage and President Obama.

About Ben Shapiro:Read More »


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