Weather Causes Damage To Ashland Homes By Fallen Trees

By Jim McCoy Fri 6th February NewsAshlandfallen trees
In another example of the hazards posed by the stormy weather, theDove has received a report of damage to two homes and a vehicle on the upper side of Tolman Creek Road at Morada in Ashland. Chief Marguerite Hickman from Ashland Fire and Rescue says she can't provide a damage estimate at this time, but can report there were no injuries from the incidents.

Bear Cub Wanders Into Ashland Pharmacy

By Jim McCoy Wed 22nd October NewsAshlandbearRite Aid
Some shoppers at an Ashland drug store were surprised by a bear cub scurrying down the aisles.Read More »

Marijuana Taxes Approved by Ashland City Council

By Jim McCoy Wed 2nd July NewsAshlandmarijuana
Taxes on marijuana sales have been approved by the Ashland City Council. The exact percentages will be determined at later date, but the council Tuesday night approved a tax of up to five percent on medical marijuana and 10 percent on recreational marijuana. The council also approved medical marijuana dispensaries for certain sections of Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland Street and Main Street.

Ashland Mulls Medical Marijuana Moratorium

By Jim McCoy Mon 24th March NewsAshlandmedical marijuana
One of Oregon's more liberal cities is considering a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The Ashland Daily Tidings newspaper reports ( that the Oregon Health Authority Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program has already received six dispensary applications for Ashland. But neighborhood opposition has been increasing and the council will discuss a moratoRead More »

Extras Sought For Ashland Scenes In Reese Witherspoon Movie

By Jim McCoy Wed 9th October NewsAshlandmoviesWild,
People with tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks have a chance to be cast as extras when the makers of the movie "Wild" come to Ashland to film a few scenes. The Daily Tidings ( reports star Reese Witherspoon and the crew filming the memoire of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail will be shooting scenes at a local restaurant, the downtown Plaza and the post office on Oct.Read More »

Ashland Will Study Plastic Bag Ban

By Jim McCoy Wed 17th July NewsAshlandplastic bag ban
The Ashland City Council has voted unanimously to direct the city's Conservation Council to study the idea of a ban on plastic bags and then return a recommendation to the council.Read More »

Missing California Child Found In Ashland, Returned to Mother

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says a three year old boy from Arcata, California has been returned to his biological mother after the child’s father took him for an extended without permission. 29 year old Ramin Ahadi was seen parked in a 1980 Volkswagen Vanagon with California plates last night at 11:50 p.m. on Eagle Mill Road in Ashland.Read More »

Nine Banned From Downtown Ashland

Nine people have been affected by a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy that prohibits repeat troublemakers from venturing into downtown Ashland. The City Council created the exclusion zone in August 2012.Read More »

Alan DeBoer - Ashland Mayoral Candidate

By admin Mon 10th September FocusTodayAshlandPolitics
Watch video
Former Ashland mayor, Alan DeBoer, talks about his decision to run for mayor again and his plans for the city. DeBoer explains why he thinks Ashland is going in the wrong direction and what can be done to solve the city's problems.

Ashland Tightens Rules On Homeless Camping

By Jim McCoy Fri 18th May NewsAshlandhomelessness

The Ashland City Council has voted to tighten its ban on public camping.
     The Ashland Daily Tidings reports that the move was prompted by the municipal court's dismissal of two citations.Read More »


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