2011 Japanese Tsunami

Tsunami Debris Boat Found With Passengers

By Jim McCoy Fri 17th April News2011 Japanese Tsunami

The wreckage of a fishing boat that appears to be debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami was carrying some unexpected passengers - fish from Japanese waters - when it was spotted off the Oregon coast.

Scientists say 21 yellowtail jacks and one Asian striped knifejaw hitched a cross-Pacific ride in the bow of the boat.

Fish washed up in debris can bring parasites andRead More »

Boat Debris From Tsunami Towed To Oregon Port

By Jim McCoy Fri 10th April News2011 Japanese Tsunami

A 30-foot section of a fiberglass boat believed to be debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami has been towed to an Oregon port and is headed for the dump once scientists make sure it poses no threat of spreading invasive species.

Chris Havel of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department says the boat was towed to Newport Harbor late Thursday night and was tied up at a marina until Read More »

4 Years Later, Tsunami Debris Still Washes Up On US Shores

By Jim McCoy Tue 17th March News2011 Japanese Tsunami

Four years after a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, debris is still washing ashore in Oregon and southwest Washington.Read More »

Beached Boat Is Likely to Be Tsunami Debris

By Jim McCoy Wed 6th February News2011 Japanese TsunamiOregon coast
Scientists say a 30-foot boat that washed ashore on Gleneden Beach on the central Oregon coast appears to be debris from the March 2011 Japan tsunami. Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department spokesman Rick Boatner says it is believed to have been a support vessel for a commercial fishing boat. The boat was found Tuesday - hull up - embedded in the sand with most of the hull exposed.Read More »

Governor To Sign Tsunami Debris Response Plan

By Jim McCoy Mon 17th December News2011 Japanese TsunamiOregon coast
Governor John Kitzhaber will tomorrow sign an Oregon state plan regarding Japanese tsunami debris. The plan addresses the state’s response to tsunami debris impacting the Oregon coast. The plan includes a multi-jurisdictional approach between state, local and federal agencies to debris from the 2011 tsunami that is expecting to continue coming ashore for the next several years.Read More »


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